What I Do:

As the owner operator I have my hand in just about everything. Here's my story with ATP Builders.

My spirit animal:

Lion (ability to grow a large mane, can move very fast when needed).

About Me:

Interests & Hobbies:  My wife and kids, hunting, working out, helping others.

Neighborhood:  Modesto

Organizations/Non Profits:  One Church, AGWM

Favorite Tool:  Router (Why buy trim when you can make it)

Lifetime Goal:  To lead a life filled with laughter surrounded by family and friends





What I Do:

Resident jack of all trades – I keep the books up to date and get my hands dirty on some of the projects with Dan. Most importantly, make sure we're adequately supplied with coffee.

My spirit animal:

 I say bald eagle for my keen eye for detail but my wife says leopard for my athletic prowess.

About Me:

Interests & Hobbies:  I enjoy spending time with my wife exploring what God has created, playing guitar and singing, and hunting (for my golfball in the woods).

Neighborhood: Modesto

Organizations/Non Profits: Sarah Campbell Photography

Favorite Tool: Coffee

Lifetime Goal: Finding the win-win scenario for my family and those around us.





What I Do:

Creative design magician. Also smasher of walls once in a great while.

My spirit animal:

Liger (It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic).

About Me:

Interests & Hobbies:  Spending time with my family, working out, oil painting. Misc. nerdy endeavors on occasion.

Neighborhood: Motown

Organizations/Non Profits: 501st Legion 

Favorite Tool: Dremel – makes quick work of my German Shepherd’s nails.

Lifetime Goal: To live my truth – ultimately enjoying life and helping others along the way.